Another Fantastic Yelp Review from a Client…

I have probably received over 100 letters from various companies offering to refinance my VA Loan. I only sent emails to 2 of the companies in which I received letters from and only one of them responded to my email. That one person who responded was Bill Zigler.

Bill gained me as customer because he was honest and straightforward. I provided him my situation, he did his due diligence and told me he could do the refinance. A few days later, I had a FULL Loan Approval. I closed on August 8, 2014 and the entire process was so simple that I feel guilty because I really did not do anything.

My entire process was several emails back and forth, loan approval and signing of the documents. I literally spent more time signing the Closing Documents than I spent during the entire loan process.

The one funny thing about my entire process was that I never once spoke with Bill because all of my correspondence with him was through email.

If anyone is looking to refinance or simply get a mortgage, contact Bill and start a dialogue. I seriously believe that you will end up satisfied with the service that he provides.

Semper Fi…


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