VA Streamline Review on Williams Financial

This review may be long but WILL be worth your time to read. Being in the military for over 25 years I have worked with many companies refinancing multiple houses in many different states. All I can tell you is working with Bill Zigler with Williams Financial twice in the past year has proved to be THE BEST experience I have ever had. He is, without a doubt, the most professional, courteous and insightful person I have EVER dealt with regarding refinancing homes. He is always on time, responds within the same day and in many cases within 10 minutes of me asking a question. He is also tenacious in the quest of saving YOU money by providing several choices in rates and costs. In fact, the reason why I went with him twice is because I could not believe what he did for me and my family on our first refi. We had everything worked out and was within a few days of signing when he canned the deal because he saw another break in rates and costs that saved me over $3,000. He did this even though it cost him money to redo all the paperwork. Yea, he is that kind of guy, a diamond in a sea of coal where most of these folks are out to make money no matter what. You have a choice on who you deal with, I give my highest recommendation that you work with Bill when you are looking to get the best deal while also having the easiest closing process. Thanks again Bill Z! – T Kelly – TX

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