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Low VA Loan Rates

We take enormous pride in the opportunity to serve the Veterans that have served our country.

Buying a home can be a dutiful task. Here at Williams Financial, Inc. we understand this hurdle and are well trained in dealing with multiple parties to get the job done. You can put $0 down on a new home purchase as long as you are staying within the county guideline. Please call or email us to go over the maximum loan amount for you in your county.

To get pre-qualified, we will need client to please provide copies of:

  • Drivers license
  • DD214
  • Homeowners Insurance – contact information or your actual declarations page
  • 2018 and 2017 W2s and 1040s all pages and schedules – If you have any outstanding taxes due, I need proof of the payment and amount due. If you do not have 2018 done, please send 2016 and 2017
  • Current paystubs to cover a total of 30 days.
  • Copy of your mortgage statement – if you own other homes
  • Any and all retirement/pension award letters
  • Two months of bank statements – all pages, even the blank ones – Any deposit (non-direct deposit) exceeding $500 needs to be identified & sourced
  • We will also need to do a pest inspection & must be a clean report without issues.

Our Veterans deserve top notch service and low costs…This is the place for both!

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